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ATMIA 2009





            This past winter I went on a fact finding mission to 16 ATM Kiosks owned primarily by different companies. What I found was startling:


       8 of these, all being serviced by a source other than the kiosk owner, were in very poor disarray. Keep in mind this was during the winter:


  • 2 had both the air conditioner and the heater off.
  • 2 had the air conditioner and the heater on at the same time.
  • 4 had the air conditioner on and the heater off - noting that, in one of these kiosks, the heater was still in the box at the end of winter.
  • All of these kiosks were pretty much used as trash cans, some being ankle deep with old cash balance receipts.

It is safe to say that, based on these results, a good portion of the money you invest to repair and maintain your equipment is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a direct result of this type of negligence.


Do you know how many times you or your customer have paid a field tech to go out and deal with an issue created by the same field tech not properly acclimatizing a kiosk? Most of the time these, senseless service calls, are blamed on "defective parts or equipment."


What about the years when the temperature changes back and forth several times during a change of season? Do you send a field tech out every time?


Why should you have to pay to send someone out every time your air conditioner needs to be turned off and your heater turned on or when someone forgets to do it all together? Our Diamond Virtual Technician fully automates this process, taking the human aspect completely out of the equation.


*From now through the end of May 2009, we are giving away a FREE Diamond Virtual Technician with every ATM Kiosk w/canopy purchased at the single unit pricing. You can save between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00 over the life of your kiosk using this amazing, patent pending device. Place your order today!