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What do surrounds cost?
ATMIA 2009

What do ATM Surrounds actually cost you?

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Diamond Universal Surround:     

Indoor/Outdoor ATM Surround


                                   Increase ATM Security

                                   Completely Weatherproof your ATM

                                   Increase Transactions though Increased Visibility

                                    and Nicer Aesthetics

                                   More “User Friendly” means more Repeat Transactions

                                   Engineered for new ATMs as well as older models



Increase ATM Security:

The Diamond Universal Surround can help prevent “Smash & Grabs” by adding another layer of complete security to your ATM. It’s solid, Lexan, barrier window protects your ATM from vandalism better than open top surrounds sold by others.



Completely Weatherproof your ATM:Completely encase your ATMs from harsh conditions. Don’t trust your investment to flimsy, plastic, meat locker flaps found on our competitor’s surrounds. Anything that can blow in the wind cannot protect your ATM from the elements!




Increase Transactions though Increased Visibility and Nicer Aesthetics:

Whether inside or outside, increased visibility means more transactions. Each Diamond Universal Surround comes standard with a 4 sided Lighted Canopy and, being 7 feet tall, it can be seen from any direction. Great for all deployments!



More “User Friendly” means more Repeat Transactions:The Diamond Universal Surround has a solid Lexan barrier window, NOT cumbersome plastic flaps that users have to wrestle with or a protruding shroud that requires users to squat down just to see your ATM screen.



Engineered for new ATMs as well as older models:The Diamond Universal Surround fits almost all existing walk up ATMs and is designed to accommodate swapping to alternate ATMs without having to have a separate surround per ATM.




How much do other surrounds actually cost you?:

If you lost just one transaction per day due to lack of visibility, customer trust, or the surround being too clumsy, that would be 365 transactions per year. That’s 1,825 transactions over a five year period. At an average of $2.25 per transaction it equals $4106.25. Not to mention the price you paid for the surround.



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