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ATM Wall Surrounds


Diamond Kiosks and Surrounds' complete line of wall surrounds accomodate any ATM on the market and mount to any surface. Provide you customer with the appearance they are aquainted with at a price that blows your competition away.


WS93 ATM Wall Surround.jpg

Introducing our newest ATM wall surround. The WS93.

WS60 ATM Surrounds

Our ATM wall surrounds are easy to install and keeps cost to a minimum.

ATM Surrounds 13.jpg

ATM Surrounds 14.jpg
WS44 ATM Wall Surround

WS44 ATM Wall Surround

WS44 ATM Wall Surround

Dual ATM Wall Surrounds

Dual ATM Wall Surrounds

ATM Surrounds 15.jpg