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Walk-up ATM Surrounds

Universal ATM Surround

Our Indoor / Outdoor Universal ATM Surround was engineered to become your one Universal Solution to deploying walk up ATMs. This one of a kind unit combines high visibility with versatility. The Universal ATM Surround can be deployed in any climate, year round, indoors or outdoors. The Universal ATM Surround will fit almost all retail ATMs no matter what make or model, new or older versions. Equipped with a solid Lexan front panel with a lightweight 8” Lexan door, the Diamond Universal ATM Surround provides easy access to your customers, while keeping your ATM dry and climatized. The Diamond Universal ATM Surround is a great way to reduce vandalism and theft. Heat and insulation optional. 26”W - 28.5”D - 84”H .

Outdoor ATM Machines.jpg

Contour Security ATM Surround

Why pay for perceived protection instead of getting the real thing? The Contour ATM Surround is the ultimate in security surrounds. 3/16” thick steel and Ram-Resistant, the Contour ATM Surround can provide the protection that you need to safeguard your investment. After anchoring your Contour ATM Surround down, you can anchor the ATM through the surround floor into the concrete giving you eight anchor points or Diamond can set your Contour ATM Surround up so that the ATM can be bolted directly to the surround ensuring that, if it is ever broken away from the concrete, the ATM remains firmly attached inside the ATM surround.

ATM Surrounds 2.jpg

Our patent pending, adjustable, wall plates help to prevent the possibility of having someone throw a chain around your ATM and pull it out. There is also a patent pending, adjustable, device available that contours the exposed top of the ATM to the wall for further protection.

ATM Surrounds 3.jpg

Video ATM Surround

Increase impulse sales or advertising revenue by playing videos and Slideshows on a 22 inch monitor.

ATM Surrounds 4.jpg

RL8 - Advertising ATM Surround

When you want to catch the eye of customers and increase transactions, the Diamond RL8 ATM Surround is what you need. Standard with a four sided lighted topper, it can be seen from a long way off. But it doesn’t stop there. You can order your Diamond RL8 ATM Surround with a full motion video monitor to show commercials or slideshows to increase impulse purchasing or just to educate your customers. Designed for indoor or weather protected outdoor use. Maximize your presence and your profits with the Diamond RL8 ATM Surround. 28”W - 25.5”D - 102”H

ATM Surrounds 5.jpg

Diamond Vaulted ATM Security Surround

If you have a great location for one of your ATMs and Security is a concern, the Diamond Vaulted ATM Security Surround, is your solution. Constructed from solid, heavy gauge, 1/2" plate steel. This Hercules of an ATM surround is extremely intimidating. It provides a layer of security that deters even the most savvy of criminals. The Diamond Vaulted ATM Security Surround will protect your investment as well as reduce insurance costs and lost transactions. Designed for indoor or weather protected outdoor use. Dimensions vary.

ATM Surrounds 6.jpg

S2500 ATM Surround

Simplify your ATM deployments with the Diamond S2500. No longer do you have to store your all of your communication devices, DVRs, VCRs, camera equipment, security alarms, extra paper and other supplies in the bottom of your ATM. The S2500 ATM Surround allows you to safely store all of your equipment and supplies in a locked compartment directly above the your ATM. The Diamond S2500 ATM Surround provides visibility, security and convenience. Designed for indoor or weather protected outdoor use. 28.5”W – 18”D – 88”H

ATM Surrounds 7.jpg

S10 ATM Surround

Be seen! The Diamond S10 ATM Surround is a truly unique ATM surround that will allow you to stand leagues above your competition. Standing a whopping 9.5 feet tall, you will be seen no matter where you deploy your ATMs. The Diamond S10 ATM Surround even has a canopy option with four lighted sign panels that raises it up to a staggering 10.5 feet tall (seen with DKRL8). The Diamond S10 ATM Surround is esigned for indoor or weather protected outdoor use, Diamond S10 ATM Surround is great for malls, stadiums, movie theaters, arenas, convention halls, special events, etc. 28”W - 25.5”D - 114”H (126”H w/topper)

ATM Surrounds 8.jpg

ATM Surrounds 9.jpg

10 Foot Topper ATM Surround